Federal Employee Benefits Analysis Report

The, complimentary, FEBA is a dynamic report used to illustrate an employee's financial abiliy to retire when they choose. By using an anticipated future date of retirement along with current salary, benefit elections and employment data, we are able to calculate the employee's gross income, taxes and benefit costs in their last year of employement and compare them against those same figures in their first year of retirement.  The end result is a side by side comparison of Net Income as an employed person and as a retired one.





Whether retirement is near or many years away, most employees express a common thread of concern.  These are:


  • How much income will I be receiving once retired?

  • What benefits will be available to me after retirement?

  • What will my cost be for those benefits?

  • What new expenses might I have during retirement?


The answers to these questions are vital and are addressed in the FEBA.  The report also helps to create discussion about new expenses one may incure in retirement years.


This is such an important report to have and is made available to all Federal employees along with periodic updates to support salary increases, changes to benefit options, retirementd date, etc. 


















All FEBA reports come with a one-on-one report review with a Benefits Advisor to discuss the details and provide recommendations for change to support a strong financial outcome.


For a complimentary sample or personalized FEBA, simply Contact Us and we'll be happy to send you one. 

Key items detailed in the report include:

  • Salary

  • Service Computation Date

  • Sick Leave

  • Life and Health Insurance (FEGLI) (FEHB)

  • Thrift Savings Plan - (Contributions, Government Matching, Fund Allocation)

  • Federal Pension (FERS; CSRS; CSRS Offset)

  • Survivor Benefits

  • Social Security/ Supplement

  • Cost of Living Adjustment 

  • Military Time