Federal Benefits Seminars

Our Certified Federal Benefits Advisors conduct complimentary educational seminars at agencies throughout Michigan and Ohio. We provide benefits education to employees helping them navigate through the myriad of options available. Our services are geared to extend the reach of HR departments adding back the human capital resources that have have been reduced over the years due to Federal budget belt-tightening.  Our services are especially valuable to those Federal offices that have no on-site or local HR staff to serve them.

Three key areas of concern cited by federal employees:



  • Understanding their benefits and the options available to them.    

  • Are they maximizing their options?    

  • How do their benefit choices now prepare them for retirement?


Our education incorporates family dynamics and demonstrates how benefit choices throughout ones career can affect the family as a whole in retirement. Employees leave with a clearer understanding of their options and learn how to maximize them to meet their needs now and in the future.


Every employee has direct access to our Benefits Advisors to ask questions in a confidential setting and is offered a personalized, complimentary, Federal Employee Benefits Analysis (FEBA) report.  The results of the report will be reviewed one-on-one with the employee with recommendations towards benefit modification where necessary.   

Seminar Topics

Thrift Savings Plan:

  • Why contribute?

  • Government matching

  • Fund Allocation options

  • In-Service withdrawals & re-payment

  • Traditional vs. Roth

  • Withdrawal options at retirement


Retirement Systems:


  • Creditable Service

  • Military Service Credits

  • Survivor Benefits

  • COLA

  • Average High -3

Social Security:

  • What are Credits?

  • When am I eligible?

  • What is FRA?

  • Delaying benefits

  • Survivor Benefits

  • Windfall Elimination Provision

  • Benefits for divorced spouses


  • Enrollment options.

  • Options A, B, C

  • What happens at retirement?


  • Who can I enroll
  • Changes to coverage
  • Options at retirement

Benefits of Our Services

Agency Benefits

  • Benefits education provided at no cost to agency

  • Seminars conducted on-site to minimize employee time away from office.

  • Seminars applicable toward mandatory education requirements*

  • Provides time-saving Human Capital resources

  • Flexible scheduling


* - Consult with your HR dept. for details.

Employee Benefits

  • Cost-free benefits education

  • Complimentary Federal Employee Benefits Analysis reports with annual updates

  • Direct access to Certified Federal Benefits Advisors and Retirement Specialists

  • Complimentary one-on-one consultations

  • Direct access to Social Security Benefits report 

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