Our team of Certified Benefits Advisor are insurance licensed and work with Federal employees to help them protect their loved ones and their assets.  We offer a complimentary diagnostic review of all your insurance policies, within and outside of your federal benefits, and determine the correct amount and type of coverage necessary and the layering effect one should have throughout life. We then compare the results against your current FEGLI coverage to unearth any shortfall or excess and provide you with options on how to correct either situation.


Calculating the necessary amount and type of coverage is crucial.  In today’s economy everyone is looking to save money and purchasing insurance when healthy and younger will help attain that goal. For the Federal employee, FEGLI insurance is a great option to begin with.  However, do you know what happens to your FEGLI coverage when you retire?  The ballooning increase in annual premium is typical for most Federal retirees and the cost can be staggering.


Insurance is the foundation of any prudent financial plan, can have varying tax consequenses and plays a critical role in protecting one’s most valuable assets. Strategic Wealth Consulting will help you assess your risks and determine which type(s) of coverage best fits your needs.


We work with Federal Employees to meet their needs with a variety of insurances products such as: 

Life Insurance


It provides cash at the death of the insured. The contract may also provide for the cash accumulation during the life of the insured.


-  Term Insurance

-  Whole Life Insurance

-  Universal Life Insurance

-  Variable Life Insurance


Tax advantage insurance products that provides a guaranteed monthly income for a fixed term or until death. It's an important componet in many wealth management plans. Annuities can help individuals provide for their retirement years.

-  Fixed Annuities
-  Variable Annuities
-  Equity Index Annuity


Disability income insurance can help you pay your bills by replacing a portion of your income. It can help you maintain your current lifestyle and help you and your family from going into serious debt.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance is a way to help fund services such as a nursing home stay, assisted living, home health aide, and homemaker services in the event you or a loved one develops a prolonged physical illness, disability or cognitive impairment.

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