First Allied Asset Managemet Team. 

Craig E. Columbus, JD, MBAPresident and Chief Market Strategist Mr. Columbus serves as President and Chief Market Strategist of First Allied’s Asset Management team. Mr. Columbus formerly served as the Chief Market Strategist for Thomson Financial, a leading provider of information and technology solutions to the worldwide financial community. During this time, he became a recognizable Wall Street figure, appearing each Monday on CNBC’s Power Lunch program for seven years. He is currently a regular guest on a variety of network and cable financial shows, including Kudlow & Company and Power Lunch, where he discusses market events and trends, and delivers astute commentary on issues pertinent to investors.Mr. Columbus previously served as the Chair of the Entrepreneurship program at Grove City College, in Grove City, Penn., where he worked on programs designed to educate students to transform society through commercial and social enterprise. Mr. Columbus also co-authored "God & Man on Wall Street: The Conscience of Capitalism," which tackles the subject of Wall Street reform following the 2007-2009 financial crisis, focusing on the need to improve from within. Mr. Columbus is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, holds an MBA degree from Penn State University and a law degree from Indiana University. He is also the 2007 recipient of the Penn State University Distinguished Alumni Award for Achievement in the Field of Finance.


Jeffrey J. Mindlin, CFASenior Managing DirectorChief Portfolio Strategist Jeffrey J. Mindlin serves as First Allied Asset Management’s Senior Managing Director and Chief Portfolio Strategist, managing day-to-day operations. In this capacity, Mr. Mindlin is responsible for the portfolio management team and its efforts, including portfolio selection, trading, execution, proprietary money management and product development. Prior to joining First Allied Asset Management, Mr. Mindlin was the Director of Research and Co-Portfolio Manager of Greenbook Investment Management, Inc., where he was instrumental in the design of sophisticated, proprietary investment strategies. Before that, he worked as the Assistant Portfolio Manager and Senior Financial Engineer for Pinnacle Investment Advisors, LLC, which operated a hedge fund and a series of managed accounts for institutional and high-net-worth clients, and sub-advised a publicly traded mutual fund. Previously, Mr. Mindlin was the Manager of Financial Engineering at Camelback Research, leading the development of several successful institutional grade quantitative products, including the popular MSN Money StockScouter system. Mr. Mindlin earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He obtained a BS in Economics and a BS in Finance from the College of Business Honor’s Program at Arizona State University, where he also received the prestigious Moore Award.


Thomas R. Samuelson, CFAChief Investment Officer Thomas R. Samuelson, serves as the Chief Investment Officer for First Allied Asset Management. Previously, Mr. Samuelson served as the Portfolio Manager at Geronimo Partners where he oversaw a family of three hedge funds. He was also the Portfolio Manager at Invesco Funds Group for a diversified long/short fund and a sector energy fund, where he improved the energy fund’s Lipper peer group ranking from bottom-quartile to upper-quartile while its assets grew to over $330 million. Previously, he also served as the President and Portfolio Manager for Denver Energy Advisors, where he managed separate accounts for large institutional clients such as the Notre Dame endowment. Mr. Samuelson received his derivatives experience from Swiss Bank Corp (previously O’Connor & Associates), where he managed proprietary funds for the Bank. He began his career as a high-yield bond analyst for Duff & Phelps in Chicago and later became a partner of the firm. Mr. Samuelson received a BS in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Tulsa.


Lon J. Gerber, Chief Operating Officer Lon J. Gerber serves as Chief Operating Officer for First Allied Asset Management. Prior to joining First Allied Asset Management, Mr. Gerber spent over 10 years at Thomson Financial, a leading provider of information and technology solutions to the worldwide financial community. In this capacity, he was responsible for directing analytic product development for the Wealth Management division. During his time at Thomson, Mr. Gerber was highly regarded for his expertise in the area of insider-trading analysis and regularly appeared in the financial media, including The Wall Street Journal, Barrons and Forbes, amongst many others. Mr. Gerber began his career in the banking industry as a financial analyst for Citibank, responsible for revenue forecasting for its U.S. consumer and commercial lending products. Mr. Gerber earned a BS in Finance from Binghamton University and an MBA degree from Penn State University.


Brian D. Wright, CFASenior Portfolio Manager Brian D. Wright serves as Senior Portfolio Manager for First Allied Asset Management. Mr. Wright has over a decade of industry experience. Previously, he served as Trader with Pinnacle Investment Advisors, where he helped oversee a family of hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, and a publicly traded mutual fund. Mr. Wright was also an Analyst with a boutique research firm, where he focused on forensic accounting and earnings quality-related research. He was one of the first analysts to raise questions about the accounting practices and viability of Krispy Kreme as early as 2003. Mr. Wright graduated Magna cum Laude from Boston University.


Collin Martin, CFAInvestment Consultant Collin Martin serves as an Investment Consultant for First Allied Asset Management. Prior to joining First Allied Asset Management, Mr. Martin worked at First Allied Securities where he worked in Quality Assurance providing operational analysis and developing profitability models. Mr. Martin graduated cum laude from the Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.





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