Integrated Finacial Plan

As a business owner you face several challenges when it comes to securing your financial future. Taking care of customers, managing suppliers, training staff, providing benefits and staying abreast of your competion are just a few things demanding your full attention.  The never ending battle on rising labor costs, equipment and supplies, real estate and utilities make building a secure financial portfolio ever challenging. 


SWC offers integrated wealth planning strategies exclusively for business owners; for yourself and for your company. Our capabilities are driven by an in-house team of financial professionals who design and manage each of the four cornerstones of an integrated platform. We employ a conservative approach committed to managing risk, maximizing allowable deductions, protecting income, managing tax implications,  and planning for unexpected life events.  SWC understands the uniqueness amongst a wide landscape of industries and use that expertise to design plans that are intended to reach your goals in the most effiective and efficient manner.   

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Business Structure


Structuring a Well-Defined Retirement Plan

Insurance, Asset Allocation, Market Mix

Risk Management



Mitigating the Risk of Unexpected Events

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Portfolio Design

Portfolio Design for a Challenging Economic Climate

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Asset Protection

Shielding Personal and Business Assets