Thrift Savings Plan - TSP

The TSP is a complex savings program that has many variables and will become a significant piece of your retirement pie.  These variables can be influenced by your career path and personal events resulting in decision making that can affect your retirement outcome.  Understanding the complexities, options, and the need for periodic re-evaluation of your account is imperative. Our personalized service is centered on client relationships providing sound guidance to reach their financial goals.  Whether retirement is near or many years away, we believe our greatest value is our ability to help educate you to learn to anticipate, recognize, and adjust to your ever changing financial landscape. We can guide you through your stages of life and create a road map for your financial success.















No two strategies are alike. However, a key component is your understanding of some basics such as:


  • Develop a sound financial plan

  • How to maximize your savings

  • Benefits of compounding

  • Tax deferral

  • Finding more to invest

  • Account consolidation.

Investment Strategy

As your life changes, so must your savings / investment goals. Saving to raise a family, purchase a home, college funding, retirement planning all have their own nuances. Throughout your career, we will help you understand how to make your TSP work for you through:


  • Creating and Growing Wealth

  • Protecting and Preserving Wealth

  • Distribution of wealth during and after life

Learning how to access money from your many financial "buckets" takes skill and requires a certain strategy.  We will work with you to develop a plan and educate you on:


  • Refining your asset allocation

  • Determine an effective withdrawal strategy

  • Satisfying your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's)

  • Roll over options of your TSP account


Living In Retirement

Retirement Planning Phases

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