Do you know if your assets are working as hard as you are?

Our Wealth Management System provides your organization with a customizable financial website.  It is a comprehensive 360 degree viewing platform to monitor your endowment portfolio(s).  It aggregates and organizes all its  financial holdings, insurances, real estate, credit cards, debt, etc. in one place while providing detailed and drill-down illustrations of the asset allocations strategy.  It is designed to simplify your workload by consolidating and integrating every aspect of the endowment portfolio and provide your organization with meaningful, daily analysis, of the portfolio(s).


Our overall objective is to give you clear and timely communication to help you better manage the financial stability of the endowment. 

Every night, portfolio balances will be automatically updated. Changes in the assets will be tracked against the overall asset allocation, cash flow models, insurance programs and the financial plan.  The updated imformation is integrated into reports so that you can monitor snd share the progress of the endowment portfolio against its overall financial objectives.

Our Wealth Management System

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  • Personalized financial website

  • Financial Planning Strategies and Design

  • Balance Sheet / Net Worth Statements

  • Asset Allocation Strategies

  • Account Aggregation for holistic review of accounts

  • Cash Flow / Retirement plan models

  • Secured Vault for online storage of important documents

  • Alarms and Alerts to notify you of any significant changes

  • Mobile Access




  • Immediate access and monitoring of all portfolio information in one single location with a click of a mouse

  • The accounts and assets are always current and updated  nightly

  • Comprehensive Analysis and planning

  • Password-protected information in a secure,  encrypted personal web address, accessible only to you and your financial advisor team

  • 360 degree view of assets, liabilities and financial   information

  • Ability to better manage the financial future of the endowment

  • Comprehensive reporting abilities and research

  • Deeper Financial Guidance – helps you maintain a much broader understanding of the overall financial picture and needs of the endowment which, in turn, allows us (your financial professionals) to provide more relevant and timely recommendations 

Online Storage Vault


The system  provides a secure online storage vault for your organizations private documents. Of course, all the information is password protected in a secure encrypted personal web address backed with the latest internet security technology available.

How Secure is My Data?

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