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401k and Retirement Plan Services

Strategic Wealth Consulting Group works with business owners (Plan Sponsors), like you, in offering cost-effective retirement plans that operate efficiently, meeting the evolving needs of the Sponsor, the Participants, and the business entity. Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge to help make your plan...

  • A Desired Benefit for Existing and New Employees
  • A Hiring Leverage to Help Attract New Employees
  • An Incentive to Reduce Employee Turnover Gateway Toward Retirement Savings
  • A Means to Help Maximize Savings for the Sponsor, Reducing Taxable Income

Professional Team

Working in unison, our Advisors, support staff, Third Party Administrators and Plan Platform companies, work with the Plan Sponsor to design and implement a plan focused on helping pursue the goals and objectives of the business owner.

Retirement Plan Services

Key to our services is our assessment and analysis of the specific goals as outlined by the Plan Sponsor. Great care is put into the Plan design helping ensure goals are met, Owner's contributions are maximized, taxes minimized, and costs measured and balanced. Whether starting a new Plan or converting from an existing one, our focus remains the same.

Benchmarking / Fee Analysis

Benchmarking is a vital and necessary component in managing a Plan. Employing independent benchmarking services and tools, we generate reports allowing the Plan Sponsor to review expenses, comparing them against industry trends and other similar Plans, positioning the Sponsor on the path to meeting his/her fiduciary responsibilities.

Our Resources

Akin to a Checklist, we will develop a schedule of recurring services commensurate with the Plan. Items such as reviewing Plan Goals and Objectives; Investment Policy Selections and Performance; Participant Education; Disclosures and Communication; and Bonding Requirements; just to name a few.

Education Services

Education plays a critical role in the success of any employer sponsored Plan. Our firm understands this very well and includes a customized Education Policy Statement that reflecting the educational needs of the employees (the Plan Participants) while helping support the fiduciary role of the employer/ Sponsor.

Group and individual education sessions are always made available to discuss the Enrollment Process, Budgeting, Investing and Retirement Readiness.

Monitoring Investments

Monitoring processes and review schedules are established for every Plan working toward the goal of positive investment performance in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement. We review the correlation of investment options, as well as, changing economic and market conditions and make adjustments when necessary.

Reports are prepared and reviewed on a scheduled basis and made available to the Plan Sponsor via online access through a Sponsors’ Plan Platform portal.

Plan Designs

Some Plans and features we work with include:

401k - Solo (k) - Safe Harbor/Match

Cash Balance - Profit Sharing

Defined Benefit - Age-Weighted

SEP - SIMPLE - New Comparability

Fiduciary Responsibilities

We adhere to strict government oversight and work diligently to help Educate and Train Plan Sponsors in their role as a Plan Fiduciary.

John has the skills/training of an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) as well as a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) to help formalize, organize and implement those processes necessary for the Plan Sponsor to manage, monitor, and evaluate the Plan in their role as a Fiduciary.

Acting with care, prudence, skill and diligence, solely in the interest of the Plan Participants and their beneficiaries, are the tenets we follow.


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