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Asset Protection

Shielding Personal and Business Assets

We work closely with Physicians & Dentists to help them pursue their goals and objectives. That’s because integrated financial planning is not just about accumulating wealth. It’s also about protecting your business and personal savings from losses created by unexpected events that can significantly damage a doctor’s finances—today and tomorrow.

Accounts receivable, leasehold improvements, equipment, supplies and goodwill are valuable assets of a doctor’s practice. However, in many scenarios, these assets are not only exposed to judgment creditors, but also may not be contributing anything to their financial future.

We can assist doctors to minimize potential liabilities through the strategic use of business structure optimization, risk management and retirement planning. Our advisors show doctors how to put non-performing business assets to work inside creditor-exempt classes, thereby shielding them from liability judgments while simultaneously earning incremental income.

A capital accumulation and preservation strategy should not be considered complete without having the appropriate estate plan in place. Such plans enable the smooth transfer of wealth to heirs and can also help manage charitable gift initiatives. More specifically, a well-defined estate plan can also:

  • Offer asset protection from creditors
  • Determine control or assets in situations involving incapacitation
  • Help avoid time-consuming court proceedings
  • Enable controlled gifts to family members


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