Non-Profit Oraganizations

We provide comprehensive Endowment management and investment planning solutions. We work to identify inefficiencies in current investment strategies and make recommendations to work toward overcoming any shortfalls. We create sophisticated options for asset allocation, diversification (including alternatives), and risk management.
Asset Management


We believe asset management is one of the most important investment strategies toward helping your organization reach its investment goals. Proper management may not only help reach those financial goals but also may help your organization weather against market downturns along the way. We work with our clients to create an Asset Management portfolio that meets each clients specific and diverse needs in achieving thier financial success.
Monitoring of Investments

We provide you with a personal financial website, it’s a comprehensive 360 view of your financial portfolio by aggregating and organizing all your financial holdings, insurance, and debt in one place, including asset allocation strategy, real estate, credit cards, mortgages. It helps simplify your life by consolidating, and integrating every aspect of your financial future, providing you with a meaningful, up-to-date analysis. Our analysis and recommendations are comprehensive and reflect current market conditions.


Team Approach

We believe in a team approach. Our strong relationship with our Asset Management Team division allows us to deliver personalized service centered on the relationship with our clients and providing the most objective guidance in helping the organiztion pursue its financial goals. 

Comprehensive Planning


We work comprehensively with our clients assisting them with their management plan and creating solutions. More than just managing your investments, we believe our greatest value is our focus to help you anticipate, recognize, and adjust to your ever changing financial landscape. We will guide you and create a road map for your organizations financial success. 

Portfolio Design

We work comprehensively with Non-Profit organizations to establish reasonable expectations for the risk and return of each portfolio design, with a focus on the tax efficiency of their overall portfolios. 


  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Net Worth & Balance sheets

  • Expense and goal planning

  • Investment Policy Statement:

         Evaluation->Creation & Implementation->                   Monitoring

  • Reporting- via Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual

  • Research analysis of investments utilizing a true open architecture of investments

  • Asset aggregation that automatically tracks nightly, giving you a current picture of changes with account balances, investments, and asset values.

  • Automatic alerts and notifications of changes in account value to stay within investment policy statement guidelines.


As an independent wealth management firm, we believe our freedom of choice allows us to offer unbiased solutions in servicing and addressing the financial goals of the endowment and the organization. We immerse ourselves in understanding the dynamics of the organization along with its current and future direction. This allows us to best serve our clients and provide them with perpetuity planning that addresses the 10 most critical issues many Non-Profits face today. 

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