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Portfolio Design

Our asset management style allows us to build an expansive and uniquely diversified portfolio of investment options to pursue our clients goals and objectives. Risk management is at the heart of the program. We believe that Physicians and Dentists hard-earned wealth should not be subject to unnecessary risk and market volatility.

Together, these forces often significantly dampen the long-term growth of a Physician's and Dentist's retirement nest egg. Along with managed accounts and investment programs from some of the industry’s leading investment firms, we also carefully consider the inclusion of annuities into your integrated financial plan.

We work comprehensively with Physicians and Dentists to establish reasonable expectations for the risk and return of each portfolio design, with a focus on the tax efficiency of their overall portfolios. Best of all, we diligently see each organizations entire investment picture, while providing them with regular reporting of transactions and performance.

Take a moment to view our video regarding our Wealth Management System that captures a comprehensive 360 view of your practice's financial portfolio by aggregating and organizing all your financial holdings, expenses, and debt, in one place.

All investing involves risks, including the loss of principal.

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