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Strategic Wealth Consulting Group provides individuals with comprehensive wealth management planning and retirement plan solutions. We specialize in working with Physicians/Dentists, Business Owners and Individuals.

Financial Planning

We work with individual investors to provide sound solutions for successful financial and retirement plans. We can determine what's right for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Whether saving for a first home, children's education, or your retirement, a solid financial plan plays an integral role. And, while its important to start investing early in your career, its also never to late to get started.

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Asset Management / Investment Planning

Successful investing involves time, discipline and the use of carefully balance investment vehicles. We believe asset management is an important investment strategy in helping you reach your goals. Proper asset management may also help protect you against market downturns.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

More than just managing your investments, we believe our greatest value is our focus to help you anticipate, recognize, and adjust to your ever changing financial landscape. We will guide you through your stages of life and create a road map to increase your chances of achieving your financial goals. We identify inefficiencies in your existing financial strategies and correct those shortcomings.

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Our Process

We seek to gain a complete understanding of your financial picture by gathering and analyzing your current situation, future expectations, feelings towards investing and family dynamics. We strive to make the complexities, of what we do for you simple, easy to understand and navigate, and ultimately guide you through making good decisions for you and your family.

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Monitoring of Investments

We offer a personal financial website; a way to view all your investments, income, insurance, and debt in one place. It helps simplify your life by consolidating and integrating every aspect of your financial picture on a daily basis, providing you with a meaningful, up-to-date analysis.

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Insurance Planning

Planning for unexpected events is one aspect most overlooked in financial planning yet one of the most important. We will complete an insurance policy evaluation and review any existing policies to determine if they still meet your current needs. We will introduce a layering concept to help ensure your financial future and your loved ones are protected.

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