Physicians & Dentists

We provide integrated financial planning designed exclusively for Physicans and Dentists. Our capabilities are driven by a team of specialists who understand doctors’ unique earnings, spending and savings patterns across different specialties and age groups. We design customized financial plans focused on the needs and objectives of each doctor client focused on retirement planning, risk management, portfolio design, and asset protection. This knowledge drives the design of financial plans that strive to help doctors reach their goals as efficiently as possible.
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Integrated Financial Planning


One of our core competencies is to help Physicians & Dentists accumulate, preserve and enjoy the wealth that an extensive education and years of hard work have earned. In order to do so, we bring together a balanced financial platform of practice structure optimization, risk management, portfolio design and asset protection. SWC assists doctors by identifying inefficiencies in their existing financial strategies and correct these shortcomings. 

Retirement Plans

Our approach can strategically help doctors enhance the structure of their practices and uncover opportunities the tax code offers to take control of their retirement. An appropriate structure positions doctors to attempt to protect their assets, maximize allowable tax deductions and create retirement plans tailored to their specific needs. 


Risk Management

Risk management makes strategic use of insurance as a vital component of a truly integrated financial plan. We seek to mitigate the potential loss of income due to death or disability, and to put doctors in a position to mitigate the risk of loss of savings accumulations to long-term-care costs. We complete a full review of your current situation to see if your existing insurtnace is meeting your current needs. 



Portfolio Design

We work comprehensively with Physicians & Dentists to establish reasonable expectations for the risk and return of each portfolio design, with a focus on the tax efficiency of their overall portfolios. 


Asset Protection

We can asssit doctors to minimize potential liabilities through the strategic use of business structure optimization, risk management and retirement planning. Our advisors show doctors how to put non-performing business assets to work inside creditor-exempt classes, thereby shielding them from liability judgments while simultaneously earning incremental income.

Monitoring of Investments

We offer a personal financial website; a way to view all your investments, income, insurance, and debt in one place. It helps simplify your life by consolidating and integrating every aspect of your financial picture on a daily basis, providing you with a meaningful, up-to-date analysis. 

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